"Just do what you love" they say,

but what if you just want to "help people"?

we both know that’s not a business model – but YOU CAN turn your desire  into the most impactful and profitable business you’ve never dreamed of.

You know you can help people,

why won't they hire you?

The month is coming to an end and you run your hand through the roots of your hair as you exhale a long sigh.


You’re trying to save for that dream vacation, but you keep going further and further in the hole instead. And it’s frustrating that your kids have been watching so much Netflix that they are constantly asking to turn it on right after breakfast. You hate it.

You were supposed to book 3 clients this month . . . and you’re still wondering where the first one is going to come from.

Again you take a few deep breaths and tell yourself your mantra and affirmations one more time.

“My success is inevitable.”

“Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.”

“If I can just help 1 soul today, I will start a ripple effect that can change the world.”

You want to believe those things. But today, it’s a challenge and your heart hurts a little more than usual. You know you have something to give. You know you can make a contribution.

If only you could figure out your niche – what problem you solve! Without all the confusing, contradictory information from all the free content you’ve consumed.

Then you could

>> finally take that dream vacation,

>> go to bed at the same time as your spouse,

>> and know that clients will book with you without having to convince them.

You could finally play with your family at the beach without feeling guilty.
how to get your first clients online

You Can have all the Clients YouWant

because everything you need to say
is already within you
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how to get your first clients online

why hello beautiful!

I'm Cosette

I believe the secret to getting what you want lies in asking the right questions.

Better questions that guide you to how to lead more, win more, and earn more.

And with these questions, you create your future. Your future life. Your future business.

These questions determine whether you become the next Bene Brown, Tony Robbins, or Marie Forleo. . . 

… or whether you stay lost in the pressure of decision!

3 Ways to Nail the problem you solve

and get your first client online

Join in on this free $497 gift to learn:

– the 3 ways to nail your niche (the problem you solve)
– the 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to sell on social media and how to avoid them.

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how to get your first clients online


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"Wow! I mean, Wow! Thanks. You gave clarity a whole new meaning to me!"
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First client from Instagram in just 3 weeks! And with less than 100 followers. This is amazing!
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"I landed my first 3 clients AND am getting awesome testimonials and shoutouts!"
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you're complicating your niche

You have something amazing that could make life SO MUCH EASIER for your audience.

It’s time they asked to work with you.

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