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3 Daring Mentalities You Need
to Get Remarkable Results on Social

And Remarkable Results are what you need to uplevel your business and make the income you want.

Get started on this 16-minute training. Yes, it’ll take a short amount of time, but the amount of time it can give back to you (the hours wasted on social media) is well worth the initial investment. Promise. This will help make social media feel lighter and marketing feel easier.

If this is your first interaction with me, my unique coaching model is something I’ve been building for years.

I learned the traditional “thought-work” model before I was a teenager (11 or 12?), but found that it was really lacking. That missing piece was added in when I studied Experiential Education and using recreation as Therapy in college. That and learning about French culture. The result of all my work (20 years in the making): My Coaching Model; ADD COLORS

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Own my emotions!
Resulting Actions

BONUS Videos!
Just because I always love to over-deliver on my promises

1. An Instagram Account Case Study

I’ve been curating my feed just to show you how what you are doing right now is HINDERING your growth. Not because I have 100’s of thousands of followers and I’m looking down on you, but because I’m right here with you showing you that it’s possible FOR YOU.

– trying to craft the perfect feed
– obsessing over numbers
– “I don’t have time for video”

I started at 0, grew to 147 in 6 weeks. But that’s not my best work.

Then I plateau’d at 147 for 2 weeks.

2. The Dreaded Plateau in Followers

Ugh, why is it so stinkin’ hard to build a following of real, engaged followers?

Why is the algorithm ruining your engagement?

It’s not the algorithm’s fault.

That, lovely, is a sign that you need to pivot a bit, find a different strategy, or gain the inner clarity and peace you need to build the raving audience you want.

Remember: people don’t follow doubters, they follow those who inspire them.