who is the lady mind boss?

mindset + manifesting + woo woo

Hi, I’m Cosette.

I’m a mom who began my journey in the online world when I realized I was spending more time living my own kids’ lives than my own.

As a stay-at-home mom, my world revolved around my kiddos. Everything I did, I did with and for them. Because that’s “selfless”, right?

But what I realized was that I had an incredibly unhealthy relationship with my kids. Because I was benefiting them at my own expense.

I didn’t know who I was anymore. What made me happy. What I liked and enjoyed doing.

And it hit me: “if you lose yourself, your courage soon will follow. So be strong tonight; remember who you are.”

What I wanted most for my family was to raise healthy, strong, contributing world citizens who knew how to think, act, and live on their own.

Which meant I had to learn to live my own life instead of theirs.

My first “failed” business was a blog about teaching others how to learn French from home as I had done.

And what I learned from that was the incredible importance of aligning one’s mindset with the strategy.

Because having the strategy without the mindset…

  • Belief & confidence in oneself
  • Belief & confidence in the transformation of the product or service
  • And internal alignment with the tools & strategy to get there…

Then “success” will not come.

my favorite books to bring success in biz

and also success in life