2.4 - Being human

How often do you get angry or frustrated because the house is too messy, your spouse did something inconsiderate, or the work you do just isn’t going as well as you would have hoped?
This used to happen far more frequently to me. And, surprisingly, it was a heavy indicator of a deep lesson I needed to learn. . . . . for both myself and my kids.
But what does this lesson actually mean for us moms?
In this episode, we find out!

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About the Podcast:

Do you know your purpose in your work? In your family? More than a limiting list of role expectations from society, I believe you have an incredibly beautiful gift to share with yourself, your family, and the world A gift that enhances the lives of all.

That’s what More Than Enough is all about.

What does it mean to be human?

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • The antithesis to having a human experience
  • How getting angry or in fights about a clean house could actually be an indicator of this
  • What does it actually mean to have a human experience
  • How learning to be human healed my relationships with my kids

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