#12 - THREE easy hacks to build branding for business

Sandra Houseman is a branding expert and website designer at https://sandrahouseman.com/. Her background is in design and she did corporate freelance work for over 10 years. I’m so excited to share this lovely lady’s perspective on branding with all you business mammas.

Sandra is a mom of 2 boys, she currently loves Chicken Ticka Masala (an Indian food) and sometimes sings with her singer/songwriter husband. 🙂


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what is branding?

Branding has a color palette, fonts, and a logo, but that’s not what a brand is – just what it has.

What a brand really is = creating the consistent experience you want your ideal client to have when they come in contact with any part of your business.

It’s crafting the story for your ideal client to walk through.

How do you create the experience? 

Really take some time to identify what emotion you want people to feel and really nail your messaging. Use both aspects in every point of contact with your audience – from first contact to emails, social media posts to your website.

The consistency builds brand recognition.

what is branding strategy?

This is a two-fold method to strategically nailing your brand.

  1. Start a Pinterest board and pin things you like. You can search anything from “textures” to “interior design” to “style”. Start pinning what feels natural to you. You can use this to create your visual brand identity and then share with your target audience to ensure it resonates with them as well.
  2.  Start thinking through the perception and experience you want your target audience to have every time they connect with a portion of your content. What is the feeling you want them to have?
  3. If you could identify only 3-5 words (i.e. professional, fun, down to earth) what words would you want to use to describe your brand?
This is especially helpful if you are working as a solo entrepreneur or very small business owner. The brand is often you so you need to tap into who you really are and what really comes naturally to you.

brand colors + color psychology

Just because you want to work with women doesn’t mean you need to pick pink as one of your brand colors. Don’t pick the color if you personally hate it. 

Pick something you like that also resonates with your ideal clients.

Blues are often used for the calming, nurturing effect. Reds for passion and drive. But don’t let the psychology of color paralyze you – there are pros and cons to every color. Pick some colors and test it out in your market research to make sure it has the desired effect you want.

Pay attention to the decor you purchase for your home, the clothes you wear. What colors and feel comes naturally to you? What feels genuine? 

Do not force a color if it doesn’t feel authentic.

types of branding

Branding can be useful for:

  • products
  • corporate
  • retail
  • personal brands
  • geographical brands (local businesses)

However, the process is generally the same – you are still creating a story and an experience for your brand. There will, however, be a big difference in your marketing.

examples of branding

Take a look at the ads you see in magazines or the commercials on TV. Can you quickly identify the company before you see the logo?

Think of Target, Budweiser, Old Navy, or State Farm Insurance.

They have a specific story, a specific energy and vibe to all of their ads. Chances are you’d be able to guess an ad from your favorite company really quickly before you even see the logo.

You want to use this same idea for all of your content: the pages on your website, a post on social media, a Pinterest pin, or an email you send out.

The goal of branding is to help your audience immediately identify who this content is from.

Some excellent examples of this on Pinterest are Melissa Griffin and Rachel Ngom.

Be sure to take the time to identify your brand vibe and experience. If you don’t you’re leaving it up to the audience to make their own assumptions and draw their own conclusions.

branding design

If you’re brand new to online business.

Take some time to sit and think through your brand, but don’t let it hold you back from getting out there.

Clarity takes action – not spinning around guessing.

DIY your branding as you think it through. Create your color palette + create a logo but keep the energy and experience in mind. 

Sandra recommends doing it yourself and not paying someone to do it for you if you don’t know for sure what you want to be doing in 6 months or 1 year.

Keep whatever you create consistent. Take the time to really solidify what you want to do.

Once you really know what you want to do.

When you really know what direction you want to take your business, find someone who does the whole strategy with you to visually brand your business. This is more than just website building and creating a cute looking logo – find someone who does all the strategy and really sets you up for success.

“I don’t trick people into thinking they need to pay someone to do all this if their not ready.” – Sandra Houseman

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