why talk with Cosette?

It's not "you will either succeed OR fail". . .

. . . but rather, "you will succeed AND 'fail'"

Success is truly an awful teacher, so you can literally hold the keys to success in strategy and STILL lose everything if you don’t have the wisdom to “fail”.

For money without wisdom is money that goes away just as fast as it came in.

Money with wisdom is money you keep.

so let's breakthrough the "failure" with wisdom to succeed - I show you how.


Great! it's time to . . .

The call you are about to schedule has been known to create massive shifts toward success for those who join the call.

And I know that your time is valuable, as is mine. So I will gift you this $250 call for free simply because I know you are go-getter enough to even show up on this page. However, please schedule it in your calendar immediately after and be ready to show up on video when the time comes.

Mmm’kay? Great! Let’s get to it!


what others are saying

"Wow! I mean, Wow! Thanks. You gave clarity a whole new meaning to me!"
FB + IG Ads Specialist
I now have a really clear plan of action! Thank you!
marketing expert
We nailed my niche instantly! This is amazing.
nlp master + meditation expert

is it for me?

well, what is your goal?

If you pray for guidance from any sort of higher power, ask for blessings, plead for success and for things to finally work out.

Then ask yourself if what you are working for is what you really want.

Because I believe with all my heart that God is not particularly interested in your sibling rivalry or inner doubt – He is too busy conspiring for your good.

. . . so what are you conspiring for?

If you’re ready to learn how to start conspiring with God (or whatever higher power you believe in), then this is for you.

Because I want to conspire for your own good too. So much so that I’m willing to gift you my time (valued at $250).

What are you waiting for?