#5 - How to Avoid Being the 92% Who Fail Business Goals

The 1 BIG secret that is keeping you from your ultimate happiness and fulfillment – as always, with a bit of a French flair. Let’s get a clear look at that one obstacle you need to overcome to really reach your goals.

Did you know that 92% of people don’t achieve the goals they set? The #1 reason isn’t generally because of a lack of  trying – it’s because of their perspective. The lens through which they view the world.

Some call it “mindset” – I call it “context”. 

Let’s take a look at how this is affecting your business.

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be a part of the 8% who succeed at business goals

Master your context: “Context” is the messages and meaning we have internalized. This becomes the lense – the glasses – through which we view our world.

Define what it means to be successful. What does it really mean to be successful? To you specifically! Make it measurable.

What’s missing from all the strategy you know? Your personal style. The world and your family don’t need a perfect robot – they need what you (and only you) can offer.

Using style and makeup as an example. The French culture vs. American culture perspectives.

Understand what motivates you. Like really. What is your MOTIVATION really?

The biggest secret sauce of all: You are unique – do it your way.

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