#13 - Four Simple Steps to Uncover your Online Business Purpose

It’s the magical place that looks and feels amazing, like you’re doing something right, truly enjoying life, and making a difference in the world.

(If you haven’t listened to episode 1, do that first because it’s the first step).

But how do you actually find it?

I always walk my clients through 4 steps to discovering their purpose.

1. core values

What do you actually value in life? How do you pass your time? How do you spend your money?

Look at what you love talking about, the topics you love to learn about, the traits or lifestyle you admire in others.

Pay attention to anyone you are jealous of – this usually means there is some aspect of their life that you want to incorporate into your own life but haven’t.

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2. your talents, natural skills, and desires.

Hang on tight because we are really jumping into this one later on. If you get stuck at any point, Download the free Discover the Live You Were Meant to Live Workbook. for additional questions and prompts to help you get unstuck. 

An alternative option is to schedule a breakthrough session if you figure things out better by talking through them.

3. motivation

This is what I call passion – it’s the drive behind doing what you love.

For example, someone who has a motivation to create something beautiful could fulfill that motivation through art, crocheting hats, sewing vintage dresses, or so many other things.

The passion is really the motivation to create – with the energy specifically focused on what is being created. Need more help identifying your motivation?

4. boundaries

Without boundaries you have a dysfunctional relationship and this leads to burnout and the place where you start wondering if you are doing the wrong thing.

Set boundaries. Give yourself time off. Pass time doing other things that you enjoy but that you don’t have to give from.

A little stuck with how to set boundaries that build a healthy relationship with your purpose and passion?

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life purpose questionnaire

Now let’s start talking talents, natural skill, and desires.

a) how to discover your talents

A talent also does not mean perfection. Having an ability to do something does not mean that you will be perfect at it in every way.

— What are you just good at?

— As a child, what were you great at?

— What comes naturally to you?

— Do people ask you for help with anything?

For example, some guitar or piano players are amazingly talented at creating inspiring music, but sometimes they can’t actually read music. This doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. The same is true for you.

The other thing to remember is that not all talents can be performed – in fact, many talents will need a bit of a closer look to even identify.

b) discover your natural skills

I heard a ton when I was initially searching for my purpose and passion (specifically for one I could monetize) to ask questions about your childhood for clues.

— What did you want to be when you grew up?

— As a child, what did you enjoy doing most? How did you do well at something?

— What could you (or can you) do forever without pay?

This one’s a bit tricky if you wanted to be a unicorn and were good at eating cookies as a child. (hahaha)

But just start writing it all down. Don’t stop because you think it’s silly or that it won’t work, just write it and get the juices flowing.

And sometimes it takes a bit of flipping around.

For example, as I child I was really good at learning. I was that quiet person at school who always got good grades and understood what the teacher asked me to do in math class.

But learning? How can that be a life purpose? I can’t build a business of off learning either because I have no idea how to teach it.

HOWEVER, once I flipped it around I finally saw a clue. Teaching. Coaching. Guiding others to reach their goals.


So write it down, explore a few things that are similar, but slightly different. Or maybe flip it over and look at the reverse side of it.

You may very well find that you have a natural receiving skill and a natural giving skill.

I think you need both to really make a difference in the world (because sometimes you need to let people give their gifts to you and receive them).

c) listen to desires

Desires are not bad.

This may be a belief you have to evaluate (especially if you were raised with beliefs such as “the natural man is an enemy to God”).

And I’m not saying to not be a believer anymore, but what I am saying is to actually ask what the “natural man” is and to not just assume it is desire that comes naturally.

Now if you’ve been stuck in Martyr Syndrome like I was years ago, you may find that it is hard to access your desires.

I unintentionally found myself in that place after being a full-time stay at home mom for 4 years and realizing I had not allowed myself time to connect with who I was.

I gave my husband everything he “needed” (time out with friends, time to play basketball, even saving for him to go to the gym to exercise) – yet I did not allow myself the same things because “we can’t afford it” and I had somehow decided all on my own that I needed to be the “better” person and sacrifice.

How naive I was. I told myself I was being “selfless”. But in reality I was being so restrictive and focused on being the “selfless” person, the “more spiritual” person that I actually found myself being more selfless than anything.

By not cultivating the talents God had given me, by not filling up my cup with water for others to quench their thirst, I was indeed being selfish and not helping them along their journey either.

So if this sounds like you – you will need to be more patient with yourself on your journey to finding your desires. Because you have been so disconnected with yourself for so long, it will take time to reconnect.

This is a wonderful place to just explore and find the joy in life again.

how to find your purpose and passion in life


This is a big one. Just pass some time exploring new things and new activities.

Try things out and see if you like them.

Perhaps your life purpose is to share the beautiful world and inspire people through your photography, but how are you to know that if you’ve never picked up a camera and tried to figure it out?

Try things out then make a decision around what you are going to focus on. Because it will take some energy to get good at it (matching your ability with your purpose/passion). Test it out and see if you really enjoy it.

You will absolutely find things you enjoy that you can share with others through a business or other medium. But you will also find things that are meant just for you to enjoy and to fill your cup on the journey of life.

Lastly, learn to trust your intuition – your gut feeling. It will guide you each step of the way.

discovering your purpose

It feels amazing! It’s that magical place where you just feel like you are doing something right and you are making a difference in the world.

What will that feel like for you?

What will that look like for you?

How will that sound for you?

Now align your goals with a life that is filled with purpose and passion and helping others on the way. And make sure the way you are passing time is aligned with those goals too.

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