#8 - FOUR Inner Challenges for New Entrepreneurs

Would you really have started climbing the entrepreneur mountain if you knew about the dark side of it from the beginning?

The let down and frustration of a failed launch. Feeling so driven to reach your goals and help your ideal client, but feeling like you’re talking to crickets. Not to mention the emotional tension, the loneliness, and the guilt for what you are afraid you’re giving up.

All these feelings aren’t as hidden as you think – people are incredibly talented at reading non-verbal communication and we’ve adapted to doing that online as well. Even if we don’t realize it.

The trick is to work through the emotions to find an inspiring, enjoyable, peaceful, and successful business.

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The unexpected inner challenges faced by entrepreneurs

Chances are when you started your entrepreneurial journey you were lured in by the prospect of working from home (or anywhere) and making the income you desire.

What you didn’t know about those stories like “I grew my email list by 36,000 in 1 day” or “Just woke up to $40,000 in my bank account while I was sleeping” – is how many years they spent climbing the entrepreneurial mountain before they reached that summit.

Even if you were aware of the journey before you, chances are you didn’t really understand the emotional tension you would experience.

  1. Challenge #1 is a fear of [figurative] heights. It is actually very common for entrepreneurs to have a fear of heights. Not necessarily on ziplines or tall buildings, but I’m talking about the fear of climbing higher up the entrepreneurial mountain. The fear of ‘the higher you are, the harder you fall’.
  2. Challenge #2 is your mixed messaging. Not necessarily with your audience, but rather with yourself. Do you want money or not? Because you sure are working hard to both make it AND to keep the flood gates closed. You say you want one thing, but what you are doing is, in fact the opposite.
  3. Challenge #3 is not being all in. Instead of climbing the trail to upleveling your business, you’re stuck in a cycle of highs and lows as you try to backtrack and provide a bit of a cushion in case you should fall. Keeping one foot out the door “just in case” it doesn’t work.
  4. Challenge #4 is not believing in your audience. Believing that people want to hear from you or pay you.

So how can we beat the challenges of entrepreneurship? One method is to find a “biz bestie” or a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs also on the journey. But be ware that these people won’t be as invested in your success as you are – they have their own businesses to worry about. It’s also missing the benefit of a guide, someone who is ahead of you on the journey and can help you make the steps you need to succeed.

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