Just “doing what you love” would be so easy if you knew exactly what you do and what you want to be known for.

And if no one knows who you are, no one pays you.

Let’s fix that.





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how do we do it?

it's simple really

Just nail your niche and learn to hear the 1 voice that is NEVER wrong

Walk away knowing:

  • exactly who you help,
  • the 1 problem you solve for them,
  • what you can offer them that makes them scream “I NEED THIS!”
  • AND how to get YOUR FIRST 3 CLIENTS ONLINE with less objections

What's a Niche?

who you help, the 1 problem you solve, and what you offer

…. packaged in a way so your people understand it, want it, and are hungry to pay you for it.

the don'ts

if you don't have a niche

then you're wasting your time doing these:

  • Spending more time scrolling on social media
  • Spending hours “Prospecting” (searching for clients in FB groups and large IG feeds)
  • Collaborating or pitching for partnerships
  • Posting more on social media.
  • Growing your following to 5,000 …. or 10,000 … or 100,000
  • Applying to be a guest on podcasts or blogs

If you are struggling to convert who you already have as followers, then what makes you think you can convert more?

but wait...

I've tried clarifying all that

and I'm still not booking clients

Yes, and chances are you’ve been left spinning around in circles trying to identify what your ideal client avatar eats for breakfast, why that even matters, and have even been confused with what exactly it is that you do.

You’ve also been concerned about leaving anyone out that really needs your help and support the most.

How could you possibly just pick ONE group of people to help when you know there are so many people who need you?

You’re left wondering:

"What niche should I choose?"

How can you even pick just one?



K – what you know (what you are teaching)
I – your intuition/gut feeling (learn to access it)
S – three simple steps to booking quickly
S – learn to simplify & get out of your own way

It’s time to stop overthinking it!

You can get out of your own head and start helping the people who are waiting for you right now!

Are you ready to join a group of coaches like you?

I guarantee you’ll walk away from the end of this 12-week academy knowing exactly who you serve & how you serve them, PLUS how to land your first 3  clients.

All of this for just $500

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but Cosette . . .

what if "I can't afford it"?

I totally feel you lovely. Truly, I do. You’re looking at your budget and thinking “where would the money even come from?”

Maybe you’ve already invested and haven’t seen the results. Everyone else is promising you the world if you just pay them, but here you are still not seeing the results they promised.


What do you think it takes to afford it? Do you think you have to have all the money sitting around as “extra” BEFORE you invest?

Do you think insanely successful people didn’t have to take the same risks as you are facing now? Facing the fear of wondering where the money will come from but investing anyway?

The job of an entrepreneur requires risk and taking a chance. It requires SEEING what could be possible when what currently exists doesn’t prove it.

>>> Do you think Steve Jobs created the Apple empire by staying comfortable, or by dreaming and believing in something innovative that didn’t exist yet? <<<

Chances are, you are here because you KNOW you need help. But the fear and worry is keeping you stuck. Living the same business month over and over again?

Don’t you want to create a new money story where you can afford anything you want?

The thoughts, stories, and feelings that got you to this point, will not get you to the 6- or 7-figures you dream of.

It’s time to try leaning into the fear and doing it scared. Invest and trust that the money will flow back and take care of you just as it always has.


what others are saying

"I've been struggling with my niche for MONTHS and we figured it out and got sold out fast!"
NLP + Meditation practitioner
First client from Instagram in just 3 weeks! And with less than 100 followers. This is amazing!
vacation coach
"I landed my first 3 clients AND am getting awesome testimonials and shoutouts!"
parent coach
mindset coach for women (2)

time to succeed


how to get your first clients online

why hello beautiful!

I'm Cosette

I believe the secret to getting what you want lies in asking the right questions.

It’s time to stop spinning in all the “I don’t know’s”, “what-if’s”, “I’m not qualified’s”, and all those doubtful questions you’ve been asking.

I’ve helped dozens uncover their most powerful niches – and I guarantee you have something life-changing to share with the world.

It’s time to lead more, win more, and earn more.

So tell me, are you all in?

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still on the fence?


It’s ok if you’re still not sure whether you’re in or out.
Let’s schedule a FREE call together to make sure this is the right fit and investment for you. So you can know with certainty before you buy.

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