#17 - The Four Steps that show you how to find your passion

How do you find a business you actually love? A career you actually enjoy?

Not just one that gives you money to pay the bills and something to do with your time, but one that is awesome and not stressful and overwhelming.

This special episode is a recording of a LIVE COACHING call with a client of mine – her very first call as she is searching for an online business she can make successful so she doesn’t have to return to full-time teaching now that she has a baby. She wants to be able to find a job she loves and to help her husband also find a job he loves too.

So they can more fully enjoy the 936 weeks they get with their daughter in their home.

Ready to get a jump start on a career you love and can balance with a family? Let’s chat.

The plan is for this client and her husband to start online businesses either together or separate. She knows a bit of the strategy because it helps get the message out there.

But strategy is like learning the specific dance steps without hearing the music. Sure, you know the steps of the Salsa, but it is still awkward to dance. The music comes from the inspired, full message of your purpose and mission.


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how to find your passion and purpose

Each of us have a song within us to share. Each one of us has a part to play, a song, a melody, a part to play. This is your “passion” or your “zone of genius”. It’s the song from within you.

Sure you can technically do anything, but it won’t be fun and exciting – or help you reach your full potential and impact if it’s not a slice of WHO you really are. And believe me – if you just chase the money and build a business because of the money, it will probably always elude you. Because whatever you chase always runs away.

And really, then it leaves you asking “how do I find a career I love?

So to start, let’s check in with your talents and gifts.

how to find your talent

In this coaching call, my client talks about her interests. What she likes and what she did back in school. What she’s been into recently. This is honestly the most challenging topic for women – especially Christian women – to accept. Like it’s forbidden, prideful, or wrong to say you are actually GOOD AT something.

But sometimes our talents and skills are more hidden. Partially because we expect them to be something we could portray on America’s Got Talent.

But not every talent can be performed to cool music. For example, one of my talents is learning. I am just good at learning [most] things and as a result school and academia was not difficult for me (it wasn’t a piece of cake either, but it wasn’t impossible or me constantly falling behind).

It took me years to realize that talents are so wide and varied – and often times not what we expect them to be.

What are talents?

Often times they are characteristics. You know those people who are phenomenal with children? Or someone who just “gets” how cars or computers work and can easily fix it?

It doesn’t mean they know EVERYTHING about that specific topic, nor that they are perfect or don’t have more to learn, it just means it is something that comes easily and naturally. And most often, we are far too close to even see it right in front of our noses.

Like those quizzes or guessing games you used to play about guessing what the super zoomed-in photo is a picture of. And you don’t realize it’s something that not everybody does.

Just start brainstorming. Write EVERYTHING down, don’t knock it and say that it’s stupid, just write it down and get the creative juices moving.

  1. First thing you need to do is change your thought. Instead of thinking “I don’t have any talents” or “I don’t know”. Change it to “I do have talents and I will find them so I can use them to help others.”
  2. Second, you have to allow yourself to explore the possibility that you do have talents, you are talented, and you can find them.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  1. What was something you excelled at that maybe your siblings didn’t?
  2. What comes easily to you in your previous work?
  3. What was something you did that other people complained about not being able to do?
  4. What is something you just easily do more of than other people?
  5. What did you enjoy doing as a kid? What did you spend hours doing?

Other things to remember about talents:

Talents can change and develop just as you can. Just because you don’t have a talent for something now doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have a talent for something.

A talent also does not mean perfection. Having an ability to do something does not mean that you will be perfect at it in every way.

– Some guitar or piano players are amazingly talented at creating inspiring music, but sometimes they can’t actually read music. This doesn’t mean they aren’t talented. The same is true for you.

how to find your interests in life

Motivation, Interests, Passions – your drive to do a particular task. What is driving you to cook, dance, write, or do anything you do?

Your interests will be things that you do simply for the sake of personal enjoyment and not out of necessity or obligation.

Your interests will come from what I call your “core motivation”. So if you were to do something for the rest of your life without getting paid or doing anything else, which 2 would you choose?

And NO, there is no wrong answer and you are not a bad person if you don’t feel like one you “should” do is different from what you actually feel.

how to find your motivations quiz

Here we go: answer a quick Yes or no? Don’t overthink it. Remember, for the rest of your life, no pay, which activity would be the most fulfilling? You may find a few that seem general, but there should be 1-2 that just really stand out and sound like you.

  • Doing things to relieve the suffering of others. Doing things to care for them and show love for them.
  • I would be a voice or advocate and speak up for someone or something that is unheard. This is NOT giving advice, but more like speaking up for orphans, standing up for a cause – often non-profit type businesses do this.
  • I would love to simplify and create order out of the chaos. Repeatedly. (like Marie Kondo)
  • Sharing knowledge and advice by making it more alive and interesting – animating it.
  • Without getting paid, I would learn (always wanting to learn more and having questions to answer).
  • I would guide others through a process to reach their personal goals.
  • I would gather people together, share ideas, and move towards the achievement of a goal together (the goal can be personal, business, or something else).
  • Teaching and sharing knowledge always.
  • Finding answers and solutions, researching to solve a problem. (more than just a Google for a current problem).
  • I love to make and create new things, beautiful things.

Where do you get energy from? Which one do you do that just GIVES you energy, lights you up, or is exciting.

so how do I find a career I love?

Find one that includes your motivations – that makes you feel alive.

THIS is your motivation. If you do it you feel excited and alive. So for this client, when she is able to create something and share information she feels more energetic and alive. You want to find a job or business that allows you to do the top 2 “core motivators”.

Because when you work a job or have a business that doesn’t include these motivators, that’s when it gets hard to actually show up and do it. That’s when you have to force yourself (the “I should do this…” “but I don’t want to”….)

**WARNING: The most difficult challenge to finding core motivations is education and belief we have around what we “should” be doing, feeling, or enjoy. Hence the trial and error – because we have so far lost ourselves in all that we believe is “expected” of us to do that we don’t even know what excites us on a core level anymore.

Now that you have your core motivation. It’s time to find where it meshes with your talents and gifts.

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