#4 - Mindfully Recognizing and Overcoming Postpartum Depression

The birth of your baby can trigger so many emotions, from excitement and relief, to worry and fatigue. But it can also trigger somethings you may not expect — postpartum depression or anxiety.

There’s no reason to fear this though – there are so many resources available and so much support you can get. You aren’t broken, you aren’t destroying your family, you aren’t weak. And you can heal.

Licensed Family Therapist Joy Acaso debunks the myths and shares her tips for what to do. You can connect with Joy on Facebook:


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Is it postpartum depression or the baby blues?

So what is postpartum depression?

  • Post-Partum Depression vs. just the baby blues. The former lasts longer and the later is generally about 2 weeks. Changes in appetite, difficulty bonding with baby, and other issues. A feeling of hopelessness.
  • Find a safe place to express all you are feeling without being judged for something you may be “ashamed” of.
  • There is help, there is hope. Even if you had previous history of depression, you can prepare.
  • Post-Partum depression is so common and to get through it you need someone who is invested in you and with whom you have open communication with. YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN.

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