1 – The Eye Opening Way to Be a Successful Entrepreneur​

#1 - the eye opening way to be a successful entrepreneur

Want to learn how to become a successful entrepreneur?

We’ve got you covered!

Welcome to More Than Enough. In this episode we discuss a very unique perspective about purpose and passion that comes from the French expression “prendre ta place” and how it can truly teach you the depth of how to become a successful entrepreneur.

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This very unique lens gives an amazingly vibrant look at what purpose and passion really are and how to bring them into your life and your work. Purpose is defined as ” the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. Do you know your purpose in your work? In your family? More than a limiting list of role expectations, this expression gives a wide view of the incredibly powerful and inspiring ways you could look at your purpose.

Because a passionate entrepreneur is a successful one. And I firmly believe that a passionate mother/wife/person is a successful one too.

How to be a successful entrepreneur

So what’s the secret? Successful entrepreneurs know that a successful entrepreneur is a passionate entrepreneur who feels a purpose in his/her life.

So how does an entrepreneur find their passion and purpose online?

Easy! With these 4 steps!

  1. “Prendre sa Place” is the French expression that can add a whole new lens to how you perceive the work that you do.
  2. “Prendre” is not aggressive, but you do have to be assertive in taking it. It will not fall into your lap nor will you find it by accident. You have to choose and you have to go get it.
  3. “Sa” – it does not mean you are taking something that doesn’t belong to you. Nor is it taking away from someone else. It is simply yours if you choose to take it as a passionate entrepreneur.
  4. “Place” is your unique place, positioning, and spot that only you can take. Only you have the exact, precise knowledge and gifts that you have. Only you can take this place and serve the people who are waiting for you.

Essentially, you are looking for what is commonly called your:

  • “zone of genius”
  • “profitable passion”
  • “the element”
  • “the flow”
  • “in the zone”

Because when you are there, the success can’t help but follow. 🙂

No idea what that is? These 2 books worked WONDERS for me at really uncovering the very thing that had been right under my nose all along.

Note: As an Amazon Affiliate, I make a commission off qualified purchases. Thank you for supporting this work empowering others to make the impace they were meant to make.

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