#23 - How to Successfully Start an Online Coaching Business

believe in yourself, a speech (err...interview)

Today’s special guest is Life Coach Amber Smith sharing her story of

  • how she found being a coach  (hint, it started with believing in herself)
  • how she allowed her mess to become her message
  • and how even the most successful people and coaches (including Oprah) are able to share what they share because of their journey working through their own crap.
You can connect with Amber on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/heyitsambersmith/

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how to believe in yourself after failure

The real question is are you going to feel the pain of the failure or are you going to let it control you into suffering?

There is a huge difference between both pain and suffering.

You can chose to:

  •  Think about pain a certain way that leads to suffering. It sucks, it’s awful, “I’m a failure”.
  • OR you find the purpose in pain – that there is something you are going through now that will make life easier for someone else. (take Nick Vujicic for example).

I know it feels like a failure to see the space…the gap… between where you are and where you want to be.

But maybe it’s time to redefine “failure” as a learning opportunity.

See, you learn far more from your “failures” than you do from your successes. And you can share those lessons with others!

how to believe in yourself: 3 simple steps

It starts with the first step, beginning to BELIEVE again.

(1) make a decision

A true decision takes action you don’t just think about it. 

So you want to believe in yourself? Do something!

Decide to do something and stop worrying about “what-if I fail?” or doing it “wrong”?

It all has a way of working out.

(2) creating a compelling future

Start to have a vision for the future you want. More specifically for WHO you want to be.

More than anything, believe that WHO you want is possible to become.

And allow that belief to lead to massive actions.

(3) just start moving the needle

Even if it’s the “wrong” way you’ll figure it out quickly and at least you’ll be able to course correct – at least you’re moving.

Fear about making the “wrong” choice and getting stuck in something forever will keep you immobilized.

Look, even if you believe there is a “wrong” choice, you will NEVER be stuck there. You will always be able to change direction if you decide that’s not what you wanted.

believe in yourself; self confidence

I don’t think there’s one way to live your dreams or purpose.

There’s not one way to live your life.

So don’t try to make a  decision in the future when you haven’t even done what you need to now to make that future possible.

For example:

What if it will take more to make this successful than I want to give? What if it takes away from my kids or my family?

Obsessing in a way that stops you from showing up and making an impact now will not help you.

There are baby steps between here and there but if you don’t take the steps you’ll never have that choice.

But you will always have a choice. LIVE in the present, the NOW and make your decisions based on that.

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