#18 - The Full-Body Approach to finding a job you love

when the job you love is like air

When is this business going to work? When will you not have to force yourself to get up and do the work you have to do?

When is it going to be more fun? When will they payout come?

When will it all be worth it?

What is actually keeping you from the work you love is not what you think it is.


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how to find a job you love?

It’s not that you don’t know how to be determined.

It’s not that you don’t have the sheer grit and to determination to make something work.

You know how to push yourself to do the things that need to be done, but why is it so difficult to make your work something enjoyable? I mean, at some point, is there even a space where work doesn’t just have to be work where you’re not having to force yourself to get up and to keep going and to just do what has to be done to be successful?

Is there a point where work can actually be enjoyable?

Whether this work is with your online business or whether it’s with your family. Raising kids is a lot of work. I mean, is there a space where it’s actually enjoyable (before the grandkids?)

Can it be enjoyable NOW?

Yes! Absolutely.

The difference is in that what it takes to get to this point where your work literally becomes air, like the breath of life.

It’s not just the mechanical thing that you do because you have to survive. It literally becomes fulfilling and exciting and just rejuvenating. And to get to that point, it has to be a whole body experience.

What I mean by that is you have to give it more than just one part of you.


How to love the work you do.

what if i don't love the work i do?

For example, my husband used to work and as a manager for custodial in a very, very large convention center.

A lot of the employees that worked there literally were there physically, they were physically doing the work. But that was it. And that kind of work is not going to be meaningful. Not that being a janitor custodian is not meaningful work. It’s not that the work you do isn’t meaningful!

Absolutely not. In fact, I am so grateful for those people who do that kind of work because they’re amazing.

But the difference between someone who comes in and just does the work, and the ones who will come in and love the job that they do is whether they come in with more than one part of themselves. More than just their physical presence.

Okay, we’re going to go through four different parts of, your body that need to be present in the work that you do.

But first, why do you even want this? Because you want to make a difference in the world. You want to know that who you are is someone important and valuable enough to literally make an impact and make a difference in the world.


how to love the work you do

To be honest, you can’t do that if you’re only in the world trying to do this business half-heartedly.

Or in this case half with half of your person, with half of your capabilities.

Basically, you will never love it if you do not give all of what you can actually give. Much of which you often have more of a choice about than you think you do.

So your work can absolutely be more than just putting in the time to care for the necessities and all the things that “should” be done.

It can literally become a part of your life that reinvigorates you, that revitalizes you, that is just makes you feel like you’re alive.

And to do that, you need to use not just 1 part of yourself, but 4:  Your mind, your heart, your hands, and your feet.

1. using your mind in your work

Your mind (5:10 in the audio)

This is a thought, a belief about who you are, your education, the learning, the growing.

In essence, what is going on in your brain.

But most importantly, your beliefs of yourself.

It’s looking at the beliefs and the thoughts that you have about who you are and what you can do and really assessing if that’s true or not.

You know, a lot of the clients that I work with have this belief of: “I don’t know if I can actually make a difference.”

“I don’t know if I can actually help people.”

They want so badly to make a difference and to help people. But then they’re like, “I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I don’t know if I can actually make the difference that I want to.”

And that’s where we do the mindset work of  what is behind it and what they actually believe.

My Story of how I began to find a job I love.

So when I first started my online business, I was first a blogger and I was trying to help people learn French because that’s what I was doing at the time.

And I thought, I have learned so many little things that took me forever to figure out because I couldn’t find them anywhere else online.

So, hey, there’s an opportunity for me, right?

So I jumped in and I figured out the blog thing and I started sharing it, but it wasn’t really me.

I was trying to force something that wasn’t really me (why it wasn’t me is more related to the heart of business, which we’ll talk about next).

But the point is that when I switched, I realized I needed to find something that fit my desires, talents, abilities and passions better.

And in that I found doubt.

That was my own self-sabotage.

I wanted so badly to make a difference, but I doubted my own ability to make a difference.

I doubted whether anyone would care to hear what I had to say.

Actually, I questioned if I had anything to offer (that people would actually pay for).

I wanted to make a difference and help people, but I didn’t believe that who I am and what I do could make a difference.

My own beliefs and internal stories about “I’m just…I’m different. I’m weird.”

“People aren’t going to understand me and what I’m saying.”

“I don’t know how to communicate in a way people understand – I just think differently.”

Overcoming that doubt was how I got my mind into my work.

I had to learn to believe that I had something to offer.

Had to learn that what I’ve always seen as “different”, “weird”, or ostracizing could actually be my greatest strength. 

The belief that  I am the kind of person that can make a difference, had to start within myself and my own mind, and not start with others.

So it’s time to actually believe that there is a space for you in the world.

Time to actually believe that there’s a difference that you’re meant to make in the world. That there is a place for you. 

2. how to put your heart to work

(approximately 10:49)

This one is so crazy because in our culture, your intellect, thinking, logic, and reason is very highly praised.

We have probably been more rewarded (or punished if we didn’t do well) for good grades, hard classes, learning, thinking, reasoning, and logically describing things with big words.

Culturally, our perceived intelligence is huge – especially if you are good in academia.

As if logic and reasoning were the only valuable part of a person.

As if intellect alone were king.

And we forget that there are other kinds of intellect.  This is where your heart comes in.

Really feeling what’s in your heart. Your passion, your natural gifts, your natural talents.

What you do almost without thinking.

It’s not something you have to convince yourself to do. It’s almost like your heart itself – it just flows almost without thinking.

Unless you stifle it. Ignore it. Convince yourself it’s not ok.

I absolutely believe that every single one of us has a song within us.

Sure, some of us are playing the flute, some of us are playing the cello, some of us are singing, some of us are drumming in the background.

Some of us are harmonizing, some of us are doing or whatever. But as we come together and we’re playing that song in our hearts, that’s when we create this beautiful melody.

This beautiful place where life is great and life is awesome and we’re uplifting others and we’re helping each other and we’re inspiring. 

3. how to put your hands to work

(approximately 16:13)

The third one is your hands. You have to use your hands and this is kind of your physical thing.

Doing all the physical things, all the checklists and to-do’s.

So this is the physical showing up. This is the physical, like posting on Facebook and posting on Instagram or this is, you know, your strategy that you’re using.

It’s the thing that a lot of us look at and, and we look for a lot of those hands strategies.

We’re  looking for this strategy online to like, well how do I make this work?

The interesting thing about the work of your hands is that  it’s not going to work if your mind in your heart aren’t behind it.

You could have all the strategy and tactics in the world, but that’ll function just about as well as a body full of hands but without a mind or heart.

Yes, you absolutely need the equipment, the tools, the time, the productivity, the strategy, to accomplish your goals.

But that’s not the only thing that you can have!

And Hey, you know what? Maybe you don’t have hands. That’s okay too. You’re using wrists and elbows and whatever, right? Because people find a way to make things work even when they’re “disabled”.

If you have the mind and the heart behind it, you’re going to make things work. Even if you don’t have your hands, you’re going to figure out a way.

So even if you’re lacking in the strategy, even if you’re lacking in the specific tools, you find a way to adapt if you’ve got the mind and heart behind it.

But it can’t go the other way around.

If you have hands, but no heart or mind a, you’re dead. Your hands cannot work without those things.

So that’s the equivalent of trying to do a strategy, trying to, to run something simply by methodology and numbers alone. It’s dead.

It’s not gonna work for you if your mind in your heart behind it.

You pickin up what I’m puttin down?

4. how to put your feet to work

(approximately 18:46)

Your feet – this is different from your hands in that there’s progress and there’s motion.

You have to be moving your feet to actually get anywhere. To progress.

All the things you do have to be taking you somewhere.

Like cleaning the kitchen. Your strategy is to start with the dishes, so you use your hands to wash the dishes or put them in the dishwasher.

But you can’t just stay there.

You have to move to another area of the kitchen when the dishes are done.

You have to have forward progress.

Do you see what I’m saying?

So where are you going?  And are you going?

Or are you stuck washing the dishes because you’re afraid sweeping might harm you?

There’s always a next step, so what’s the next step for you?

Where are you moving to?

What is it that you need to do to get out?

And when you’re working in you’re your own business, it’s a lot more personal and that next step is going to take a lot of bravery every single time.

There’s always going to be the leaps and the jumps from where you’re at to where you want to be.

So you need to be willing to move your feet across this gap to get to the next place.

So whether that’s getting a coach, whether that’s starting your business, whether that’s hiring your first employee or something.

There are leaps and jumps you’re going to have to make before you’re ready. And that’s what your feet need to be doing.

They need to be moving you towards something and not just standing still.

so how do you really find a job you love?

So those are your four pieces to uncovering the work that you love.

I would love to hear which one is missing for you.

(1) Is it your mind, your, your beliefs and your thoughts and overcoming the fear and the doubt.

(2) Is it your heart not knowing your talents and your gifts and what you’re good at and just something that just naturally flows?

(3) Is that your hands not knowing the strategy? Knowing how to get your message out into the world? 

(4) Or is it your feet? Just feeling stuck, just feeling like you’re not progressing. Like you’re spinning in circles and going no where. 

So again, I’d love to hear which one is the one that you need help with most.

If you’re ready to make a difference, if you’re ready to step into that place where you just love your work, then I recommend that you do just get going.

And when you need  help making that jump in front of you, reach out and jump on a call with me.

A free call where I just help you make that jump.

One of the most recent clients that I worked with on that said, (in a Facebook group that is NOT mine):

“Can I just take a moment to shout out Cosette Remund. I took advantage of her free consultation phone call, and let’s just say my mind was blown.

She helped me see the error in my thinking in that short time and offered suggestions to get my business on track. If you have the opportunities to work with her… do it. She is every bit of amazing and I’m grateful for the information she has shared. Kudos to you Cosette for just being awesome and being great at what you do.” 

– Tia

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