#19 - The Fun Way to Find Your Profitable Niche

Everyone says you need to just find your passion and in that you can create a business you love. But when they tell you that, they’re missing out on so much more. Then they say you have to niche down – so you can be seen and heard. SO you can be visible and make money.

But how are you supposed to niche your business down?

The 3 biggest money makers are: love, money, health and fitness.

But what if you’re not in that niche?

Today I’m talking with Kitchen Coach, Karey Martin, who shares her journey to finding her special niche that is not in love, money, or health and fitness.

Karey specializes in helping moms feed their families well in less time and with less sugar. Usually with meal planning and eliminating last minute decisions. All about fresh ingredients and knowing what you’re eating. Mom of 1 adopted daughter who is 1 year old.

This episode is all about how Karey found her purpose and passion, took it online, and figured out how to niche down the natural way.

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Karey's story Before Finding Her Niche

I did not grow up learning how to cook. I didn’t learn from my grandma or mom. My mom put stuff on the table but wasn’t a chief or a cook.

It wasn’t until I went out on my own that I learned that I loved cooking and different kinds of cooking.

It wasn’t until then that I learned different techniques and how to do it and had a lot of fun and creativity with it.

I just started helping people – women with what they wanted – help in the kitchen.

That exploration went on for a few years working as a personal chef for women. Through that process, I discovered what moms were looking for.

It turns out not everyone is looking for a personal chef. That works for some people, but a lot of women want to be the one who cooks for their family.

It’s a way to show love and I found that a lot of women wanted to cook for their families, but found it overwhelming.

So while I was feeding my family and others, I got all this feedback and realized I could help people do this on their own. Plus with my baby, cooking for others wasn’t scale-able and I didn’t have as much time.

So I made it more time efficient and scale-able as I took it online.

It’s all about letting 

About being qualified

No, I never went to school for it. I’m self-taught and love it. And just realized that a lot of people don’t. I realized that’s a lot of what is exchanged in the world: I love to do this, you don’t, let me help you.

 So that’s just where I landed.

Frequently in the online business world, we run into people who think they aren’t qualified enough to teach or share what they love.

 But for Karey, a lot of the women she cooked for absolutely thought she was qualified. They absolutely did not what to do the cooking, I wanted to do it and I knew just a little bit more then them.

That’s what it takes: who is a little bit ahead of you and wants to do it. That’s qualification.

 A lot of the people I work with have DESIRE, but not passion. I have the passion, so I’m going to give you my passion and take the time off of you and put it on myself. Because I love it and you don’t.

 Which gives you time to do your passions and help someone else! It’s all really a cycle.

 The needing is so perfect: a chain where everyone is a link. I need help with this, so I need you to give me your passion to help me with what I need so I can share my passion with those who need me. It’s a link in the chain: someone behind you and in front of you.

how did you discover that your passion can be a business?

My business has taken so many shifts and turns, and transformations as I’ve figured it out. I started with a challenge of helping people find meals for allergies (but that’s the whole world).

Then I wanted to work specifically with online entrepreneurs because they are busy. (but even that was too big).

Finally I decided that I really love knowing what’s in food and reducing sugar and using FRESH ingredients. As I was working with clients and realizing that everything came back to: using fresh ingredients and reducing the sugar.

I realized that people in real life were asking me to cook. But I wanted to help more people, so I went online.

That’s where I found out what people wanted and how it fit my passion. → As I practiced and tried things out.

niching down should be organic

That was how I NICHED down. I just started working with moms online and started recognizing what I really loved waking up every morning to do and what I didn’t.

It was never a question about fitting it in. I just realized the patterns in what I did and did not want to do. It just works.

Niching down should be organic. Just naturally getting feedback from people and what they’re going to tell you what they want.

Learning to recognize what you have to force yourself to do it or whether there’s an internal fire within you or not. If the polls come back and you don’t want to wake up for the results of that poll, then it doesn’t matter. There has to be a marriage between what your audience wants and what lights your internal fire.

Don’t force yourself to sell something that doesn’t light you up even if you know it’ll make money. You want someone who wants what you have.

what is a good niche?

One that isn’t forced.

Here’s what forcing your niche looks like:

In Karey’s business she found herself forcing her niche in 2 different ways:

(1) I was forcing getting on platforms that I wouldn’t naturally be on (Instagram or Pinterest).

There was no denying that every minute spent on those platforms was awful and forced and I hated it.

I forced my business to look like other people’s because of all the comparison that is out there and what their businesses look like.

(2) I tried to force high-end coaching. It was just not my thing even though everyone says as a new coach that’s what you do.

The upside of forcing something: Sometimes you have to force it for a minute to understand that it’s forced.

But the trick is to be self-aware enough to know that it’s forced. You have to lean in and if that lean feels forced then you have to back off.

Here’s how to check in with yourself:

Is that niche really for YOU?

Are you just chasing the money?

What does having money mean if your life has lost all it’s meaning and fulfillment along the way?

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