#7 - The Biggest Thing Keeping You From Finding Clients Online

How to find clients online?

Heck – how can you just start making any sort of money.

And why can she do it, but not you? Why is it that she can be consistently doing so well? Or even that other mamma who started a blog about the same time you started your business. Even she has made enough to be self-sustaining and not pull out of her hubby’s paycheck, even if it is inconsistent.

So why not you? [enter the roller coaster of emotions…]

I’m not going to be another person in your inbox that says it’s because of Strategy XYZ that she does and you don’t.

I won’t even tell you that it’s because she’s more talented than you (because she’s not).

You’re doing all the “right things”, right? And you’re still stuck. Whhhhyyyyyyy?!

You’re at a crossroad and you need to make a decision.

Maybe you’ve tried method A. And you’ve tried option B.

But you’re stuck. And what is actually keeping you stuck isn’t what you think it is.

It’s not the amount of money in the bank.
It’s not a lack of engaged social following.
It’s not even a lack of support.

You probably have a blind spot to what’s actually keeping you stuck.

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the biggest thing keeping you from your income goal

This special episode is a sneak peak into how I actually coach my clients. This is a recording of an actual coaching call with 2 clients. 1 who is attempting to hit the 6-figure income goal, and the other who is just trying to make consistent income.

My coaching model is add COLORS:

internaL story
Own my emotions
Resulting actions

This is NOT the CTFAR model that life coaches use – focusing on the thought work to help moderate your emotions. The context/framework I use goes a step deeper into the belief system & expectations we operate from that dictates how we enter different occurrences and situations.

I learned the CTFAR model before I was a teenager and have been working with that model for almost 20 years. What I’ve learned from that experience is that the model has holes in it – that’s why I created my own model (add COLORS).

So What Does this Model Have to Do with Finding Clients Online?

Feeling guilty is hindering you from getting the spin-off you want (more income, more sales, etc). Feeling guilty when you try to make a sale – feeling salesy or feeling like you’re blasting your audience with sales, or feeling guilty for how much you’ve spent and invested into your business that hasn’t lead to the income you wanted.

A lot of coaches will bypass the emotion or try to rework your thoughts so you can avoid the negative emotion. It’s important to be aware of that, but not shame yourself for the emotion you’re feeling. OWN IT! The emotion you are feeling is directly related to your specific key to success.

Again, your emotion is a que to finding where you are misaligned internally so you can fix it. 🙂 “I FEEL _______ ABOUT ________.”

Do you “have to” sell in a certain way? And is that belief and messaging leading you to the negative emotion? This is your Context. This is where the rest of the story starts.

When you are misaligned internally, marketing is hard and it sucks. Posting on social media and trying to make sales feels heavy. When you are internally aligned marketing is easier and lighter.

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