#26 - Manifesting, Does it Really Work?

I’ve been doing this for years without even realizing it’s what I was doing. I’m SO excited to share the new thing that really opened my eyes to the possibilities of the future.

It’s the secret to getting what you want. And I’m so excited to share with you.

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Manifestation Meaning

In its basic form it’s: Turning the unreal into your reality.

For example: the sun. *Note: I am NOT professing that any of us has any power over whether the sun actually rises or not. However, the process is exactly the same.

You don’t daily think about all the hows of the sun rising – the tilting of the earth, the season, the orbit. Gravity, farmer’s almanac of exact timing for the sun to rise, and all that jazz. You just know that it does, in it’s own time. 

So has the sun risen tomorrow? Is that reality yet? No.

However, you believe it, you do not doubt that it will, you expect it, and you let go of the how and the when and just trust that it will happen.

And then tomorrow comes and the sun rises. That is what manifesting is!

It is not professing with any sense of false ego that you can control external circumstances, but it is controlling your internal states of believe, expectation, faith & trust.


So how do you use this same principle to manifest your desires?

It’s really all about controlling what you can (your emotions, your thoughts & mindset, and your physical actions) and letting go of what you can’t (the how and the exact when).


Once I manifested $900 for an international trip.

Another time my husband and I manifested $9000 for pay for the delivery of our child (on a $17,000-$21,000/year income).

We also manifested $5000 for a couple’s trip to France.

Listen in to hear the story.


Once we manifested $50 in cash, within 24 hours….but it wasn’t for us

1 – crazy things happen when you start to manifest and results can happen very quickly, but that doesn’t always mean the full desire will manifest quickly.

— because can you keep the same state when you’re tested and the answer is “not yet?’

— and can you keep from having secondary goals like using energy to keep your emotions or mindset “in check” like a constant battle instead of a calm and steady assurance?

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