#3 - The TOP Virtue that is Guaranteed to Enhance Your Manifestation Techniques

The 1 little virtue that can give you so much power in your business and your life. But the trick is to do it the right way – because so many people do it all wrong. 

This one virtue is done wrong so frequently. Ever heard “write 10 things you’re grateful for each night” and watch your blessings grow? Yeah, it’s an excellent start, but it’s still focused on the wrong emotion. 

How to actually use gratitude to propel your life, your business, and your dreams forward.

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The key to successful manifesting techniques

  • Gratitude is crucial to success manifesting something in your business, life, and family.
  • Ever thought “I should be grateful for…..” – that’s your clue that something is misaligned within you. So what is gratitude really?
  • It is NOT “it could be worse” or “someone has it worse than me” so I SHOULD be grateful for what I have.
  •  The French view American’s as “nombriliste” (a naval gazer – egotistic). Partially because of how we try to “use” gratitude.
  • How are you actually feeling when you try to be “grateful”?
  • Gratitude is the #1 answer to getting out of debt

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