#15 - FIVE must know tips about overworking as a mompreneur

I’m redefining “mompreneur” as any mom (either currently with kiddos in her home, kiddos who have yet to come, and those with kiddos already grown) who is working in a small-business job.

You’ve got so much going on, you’re probably multi-tasking right now.

Gotta get xxx done, oh and don’t forget xxx.

The lists of to-dos and endless things to remember.

Multi-tasking is an art, right?

And then at the end of the day it’s just, “I’m done.” “I’m so tired.” “Don’t ask me to make another decision.”

am I right?

But in all the chaos, don’t forget these 5 vital tips for over-worked mompreneurs. 5 things that really could save your life.

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symptoms of [something you probably didn't know you were suffering from]

Can you guess what we’re talking about today based on these symptoms?

Physical Symptoms:

  • headache
  • muscle tension or pain
  • chest pain
  • fatigue
  • change in sex drive
  • sleeping problems
  • upset stomach

Emotional Symptoms:

  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • lack of motivation or focus
  • irritability
  • anger
  • sadness
  • depression

Behavioral Symptoms:

  • overeating or undereating
  • angry outbursts
  • drug or alcohol misuse
  • tabacco use
  • social withdrawl
  • exercising less frequently

What on earth could be the 1 thing that can contribute to SO MUCH of our daily challenges?

A lot of the time we look for help to solve the symptoms of what we feel. How do I get more energy and feel less tired all the time?

Drink more coffee?

What about stopping all the yelling at my kids, how do I stop it?

Oh here are some tips and tricks….. change your expectations, etc.

But these are just solutions for the SYMPTOMS. If you have blood gushing out a cut on your face, and you keep putting a bandaid on it and then wondering why it needs to be changed so regularly… it’s the same concept.

Just harder to see with emotions. Because the root cause isn’t always so visible.

So What is the root cause of all of this?

Ironically, our culture almost glorifies this like a trophy or metal – like you’re successful, winning a hustle game.


It’s everywhere – and in small doses it’s good, it helps us grow – but not the amount of stress we often feel on a daily life. The pressure to do and accomplish so much in our days. To be productive, to accomplish more. 

cultural pressures for stress

The concept that you have to run yourself ragged to where you can’t move any more, where you’re shaking so hard you have nothing more to give. Then push even further so you reach burnout. “leave nothing left”.

Because that’s how you get stronger? That’s what we’re taught we need to do to reach our goals. To be likeable, to be valuable, to be “sexy”, and to be successful.

We are taught that to succeed means we have to go-go-go, accomplish the to-do lists, be productive. We have to push ourselves past our limits, and then after we get the kids in bed we have to push ourselves some more to reach our goals – one more burst to burnout. 

(just finish that blog post – just get one more post up on Instagram – add on one more class to teach).

But that’s not how a business succeeds. That’s not how a family succeeds. That’s not how you succeed.

Because all that does it build the tension over and over again until your physical responses scream “ENOUGH”.

….and then we just binge rest because we’re too tired to go again. It was so painful and hard and we just can’t push ourselves that hard today – so we just give up.

Or we have to take a couple days off work because we’re sick. Or “just need a vacation” that we’ve been needing for months now and actually can’t enjoy because we’re too tired.

Then we start the cycle again as we chastise ourselves for being “lazy”.

what can too much stress cause?

Take note of all the above symptoms of stress.  

Too much stress can can cause or exacerbate many serious health problems, including:

  • Mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and personality disorders.
  • Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease, high blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, heart attacks, and stroke.

It may not be that severe, but remember, I spent 1.5-2 years with severe neck pain and tension that would sometimes lead to my neck cracking everytime I turned my head.

Needless pain because I was “stressed out” and carrying suppressed emotions that needed to be released (not built up).

the surprising solution to fatigue, irritability, and anger

What did I do to fix it and let go?

It will probably seem counter-intuitive to what you’ve been taught. Because it’s not deemed as “productive” or “successful” by many cultures.

But you need to rest. To take a break. To do something you enjoy – something rejuvenating.

It has worked wonders for my life and my business.

And not just for me.

I work with my clients on this all the time. Pushing yourself to the burnout will NOT lead to success in the work you do. Forcing yourself to do something because you “should” will not bring you great results.

For example, one client has been blogging for almost a year (making no income) and writing 500 words felt like a stretch for her. But after working and talking with me (and taking a break and resting), she wrote 1700 words easily and smoothly. 

They just came out.

And even better – she got nearly instant results on Pinterest: her previous pin high had 141-169 impressions (total of 3 clicks and repins between 2 posts).

Her newest pin after our 1 intensive call together hit 47,000 impressions, 60 repins, and 602 clicks!

That’s a 279% improvement in engagement!

Because she connected with who she was, did things her way, and remembered to rest when it was time. (all things we covered in just 1 intensive call).

These are the visible, physical results that come from resting.

Her creativity was up, she enjoyed herself, her work came more naturally to her. And SHE GOT RESULTS.


People search for Strategy – but it’s backwards. Once you line up internally and just share what comes naturally, the strategy just begins to come!

reconnecting makes your work smoother - especially as a mom

Results come when you’re not forcing them!

Be in tune with when you are tired and exhausted. When your kids are tired or exhausted. Listen in!

Because if either of you are out of balance, that’s when the world turns grey, we make not-so-good choices, tantrums happen, and we stop being able to listen to our inner voice.

That’s the point where we give our power away and we search for everyone else’s tips – their strategy, their hacks, their ideas, etc.

And you stop listening to your inner self. Which is exactly when you lose yourself – the most vital part of your success.

So you get lost in the crowd. Which is exactly what you don’t want to do. That’s a place that operates out of lack, scarcity, and fear. Instead of clarity and ease.

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