#16 - What's Stopping You From Making Money from Coaching


Is it really that bad? Is it really something that can be “killing” you?

From my own experience, perfectionism is seeking for more than what is. Seeking for the higher standard and expectation.

Every soul, every person is searching for this and it just expresses itself in different ways.

But perfectionism is like seeking for something like a key and a key hole. Like searching for the something you were made for.

You may not know what it is – but it’s the searching for the signature of your soul.

And in that searching, we fill the hole with perfectionism – doing it right.

But what you’re actually searching for is your purpose, your unique signature, the thing that lights you up from the inside out.

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why is perfectionism bad?

Take it from a recovering perfectionist who used to wear her perfectionism like a badge of honor: perfectionism doesn’t allow you to become who you really are.

Sure the high standards of making money blogging or running any business is phenomenal. And it’s not that that type of business isn’t possible for you, but the way you perceive it will ultimately not only stall your income, but end it completely.

Because if all your ducks have to be lined up in a row and “just right” before you build traffic, an audience, or start selling something then you’ll spend a whole lot of time rearranging ducks and keeping them straight and not a lot of time actually doing the activities that make money.

Then you’re left broke, frustrated, and doubting your ability to pull this off successfully.

Which then leads to….

perfectionism and anxiety

Studies show that despite their high standards and expectations, people who consider themselves perfectionists are generally the first to get frustrated, overwhelmed, and quit a specific (difficult) task.

This is because (again, based off my own experience) people with perfectionism have conditioned themselves to expect the pain of failure. Which has led to a programmed response where their body attempts to avoid such pain.

The same is true for many of the clients I work with who struggle with the newest obstacle that faces them in their business and threatens their ability to make money blogging (or in whatever online business they have).

how to overcome perfectionism

There’s no die-hard, one-size-fits-all solution, but the trick is to begin taking baby steps that get you closer to your goal.

  1. Just start before you are ready. In the messiness that’s where you find the gems.
  2. Feel grateful  –  I don’t just mean say you are grateful, but actually get to the point where you FEEL grateful (especially for the messes and the chaos). Listen here if you’re not sure how.
  3. Ask a coach to help you re-program the way you think so you can enjoy the moment, not be overwhelmed in the chaos, and start moving forward with stars in your soul!

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