# 32 - three Biggest Take-Aways from a Money Mindset Coach


Seriously. We all want it. We ask for money. We all live with money.

Often times we dream of having more money.

Yet oftentimes, we have a problem with money. In the US, at least, one of the #1 reasons couples fight is over money. Money is so emotionally charged.

And it was for me too. So today we are looking at the 3 Biggest takeaways and lessons I’ve learned along my journey that I feel are vital for you to know as well.

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Uncovering Your Relationship with Spending Money

  1. When a new utility bill comes in the mail, what do you think and feel?
  2. You offer to cover dinner with friends at a high-end restaurant and one friend orders $200 worth, how do you respond?
  3. Tax time. What do you do? Jump with excitement or complain about all that’s coming out or what you owe?
  4. I offer you a course to show you how to 2-3x your annual income and it comes with an investment price of $5000. What do you do?

Now here’s the more interesting part. The way you view money will likely fit into 1 of the 4 money stories.

  1. Survival – living paycheck to paycheck and just getting by
  2. Saving & hoarding – the best way to make more money is to save money. “A dollar saved is a dollar earned” – so you look for the deals, buy on discounts, and live “frugal” to the max. It becomes hoarding and building a “security” blanket.
  3. Comfortable – letting go of the fixation and focus on money. Solve a problem like your house being fumigated by easily getting a hotel room.
  4. Rich & abundant – it’s a mindset FIRST. Believing that there’s enough for everyone, and money is flowing to you.
    1. Please note that this is not an excuse to go blow all your money and get into debt.

So what’s your money story? Money is _________. Really take a look at what that is for you!

Uncovering Your Relationship with Receiving Money

This is the other half of how money works guys. Do you allow yourself to receive money? And I don’t mean the paycheck from your boss that you agreed upon when you got hired. I’m talking about something else all together.

If any of these would make you uncomfortable, don’t be surprised that you don’t have more money, because you are literally pushing it away and resisting it!

Where Does Money Actually Come From?

I’m going to ask you to get spiritual here, but I’m not ever going to tell you what to believe in. So fair warning, the following quote talks about God. If you do not believe in God, please substitute any higher power you do believe in – even if it’s karma.

In the book The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price, John states:

 “Money is an effect. When you concentrate on the effect, you forget the cause. And when you forget the cause, the effect begins to diminish.

“When you focus your attention on getting money, you’re actually shutting off your supply. You must begin, this very moment, to cease believing money is your substance, your supply, your support, your security, or your safety.

“Money is not, but God is. When you understand and realize this truth, then the supply flows uninterrupted into perfect and abundant manifestation. Look to God alone as the source and take your mind completely off of the outer effect. . . . in fact, if you look to any human… for your supply, you are shutting down the flow. If you give any mortal as even being the channel for your supply, you are limiting your good.”


Two Final Quotes

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“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.” – Syd Banks

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein & Bob Samples

… money is also a faithful servant, so what is the sacred gift? Let me know either on Instagram or via email: team@ladymindboss.com

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