It’s finally time for “I can’t afford it” to stop being the reason you say “no”.

You are.... limitless

It’s time for money to stop being your biggest struggle and to start feeling limitless.

“I can’t afford it” doesn’t have to be your go-to response to everything because now you can say “no” just because you want to and not because you have to.


is it OK to want more money?

Money is.....

. . . corrupt
. . . greedy
. . . a struggle
. . . never enough
. . . so unfair
. . . it separates families
. . . a necessary evil
. . . hard

or is it???

it's time to elevate your money mindset

so it's no longer repelling the very thing you need to succeed in your business

AND let go of the past mindset for GOOD

while still being GOOD, ETHICAL, GENEROUS and MORAL yourself.

Free Your Mind

Money is _______ …. what?
– evil? scary?
– hard? a struggle?
– scarce?

It’s time to understand what money really is so it can flow more easily into your life & biz.

coach for creative women

Unlock Financial Freedom

Call it “manifesting” or whatever you want, we’re spending 25 days unlocking your natural money flow.

Expected outcome: $1000 minimum flowing into your life (although not necessarily directly from your business).

How does this work?

Quick, daily video in the Facebook group (or you may ask to receive this via email) with a downloadable activity.

  • Every day for 25 days
  • Frees the flow of money with in your life so that even after we are done with the challenge, you can keep going and keep the flow smooth.
  • We focus on releasing all the stuff that’s blocking the flow of money into your life and business, as well as the little shifts that give you “ah-ha” moments.
  • It’s mostly mindset and the way you perceive money, but with a bit of strategy splashed in.
  • $1000 is the minimum I expect for active participants, and I am looking forward to seeing how much actually flows your way!

What's My Investment?

Let’s make it simple…

  • Show up and do the simple activity, lesson, or prompts every day for 25 days.
  • Be ready to shift your mindset and stop blocking yourself from receiving money.
  • Program starts July 8th via Facebook (you’ll get a link via email).

Ready to Master Money

$100 live challenge with easy access to personalized help from Cosette

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

this is for you if:

  • You’re ready to stop feeling limited by your finances.
  • You want to be able to “afford” experiences, coaching, and things in life.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself and play a bigger game than you have ever played before.
  • You are 200% ready to take full responsibility for your financial “reality” and experience occasional tough love.
  • Coachable and ready to learn.

this is NOT for you if:

  • You want someone to hold your hand as you go through (or create) a budget. (I do not endorse co-dependency but rather seek to empower you so results continue on even when we are not working together).
  • Looking for money to come to you as you do nothing – you have to have a job or income of some sort in the household.
  • If you’re still playing the blame game for why your finances suck and all the past things that are holding you back from spending money where you want to.

*This is a beta (testing) group. Not to see if you can actually get $1000 within 25 days (actually, I KNOW that works).

No, this is to test if $1000 is the minimum – I actually think it is higher, but want to see what the minimum result is for active participants.

See you on the abundant, limitless side!