38 - On Depression and What I Wish I Knew as a Teen

Before you ever get a business coach or life coach or see a therapist, listen to this episode.

Or even if you are trying to get something in your life, whether it’s money, a partner, a child or whatever. This is what I wish I would’ve known. So start here before you go out and spend thousands.


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What is Depression?

We do as humans, feel depressed sometimes. That’s normal.

I think that’s the first thing that I wish I knew when I was younger. Knowing that to some times think depressing thoughts and to sometimes feel depressed is totally normal.

Not knowing that actually leads you into further depression.

Let me clarify what I mean as depression – an overwhelming sadness, or feelings of hopelessness and despair.

For some people, it means that they don’t want to “get up”, that it would just be easier to curl up, get back to sleep, don’t do anything. Or for some, it may come with suicidal thoughts. There are so many ways that depression expresses itself, but understand that you aren’t broken just because you had a thought cross your mind that was really depressing or suicidal.

**NOTE: Please know that it is totally ok to call someone or get help if you are struggling with either of these thought processes. If you live in America, call the Hotline anytime at 1-800-273-8255.

What are these emotions?

One thing we really suck at is teaching emotions and emotional health.

There are so many things I learned about emotions on my journey and wish to share with you.

Because, honestly, we should have classes about emotions! Emotions are such an integral part of who we are as humans, but if you don’t know your emotions, you don’t really know a lot.

Some people call it “adulting” – but I don’t really think like that, I think it’s more of “human being-ness”. Because as an adult you gotta learn finances, you have to learn how to get a job, how to work with the internet.

But when you talk about emotions, emotional health, emotional awareness – that just a state of being human. So for a reference, here’s the Emotional Guidance Scale as shared by Abraham Hicks.

Any time that you notice or mention that the day just keeps getting worse and worse, or it’s like a downward spiral, this is why…. Because you are literally moving down the spiral!

Quick Lessons on Emotions

1. You have emotions – It’s Okay. Stop labeling.

This whole concept of labeling good & bad about emotions should be stopped. Like, right now.

We should just remove that “positive or negative” emotion and say “this is what I feel.”

That would be a great start and it should happen within yourself first.

We cannot expect other people to not label emotions when you’re still doing it. Recognize and just acknowledge. Notice the emotion without judgement of you being a “bad” or “good” person for it.

Be aware and ask for somebody else if you don’t know what to do with it.


 2. Acknowledge & Ask yourself these Questions:

  1. What are you feeling right now?
  2. Where are these thoughts taking you? Are they on the upward spiral or the downward spiral?
  3. Is that where you want to go?



3. Have Gratitude.

You don’t have to feel any of these emotions if you don’t want to.

Just be grateful that you are aware, be grateful even if that’s a baby step forward that you are aware that you don’t want it. Any movement in the right direction whether it’s big or small is progress. That’s already a big win.

So stop beating yourself up for it because you will only get it worse. It’s not going to help you get what you think you should be wanting.


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