$1000 in 25 days Challenge


It’s time for money to stop being your biggest struggle and to start feeling limitless.

“I can’t afford it” doesn’t have to be your go-to response to everything because now you can say “no” just because you want to and not because you have to.

Call it “manifesting” or whatever you want, we’re spending 25 days unlocking your natural money flow.

Expected outcome: $1000 minimum flowing into your life (although not necessarily directly from your business).



$1000 in 25 days Challenge is a guided video & worksheet challenge specifically created to help you release your past programming and limiting beliefs surrounding money – while freeing your mindset to one of abundance and limitlessness.

This 25-day challenge is designed to be fun, enjoyable and eye-opening with a bit of clear understanding truths packed in.

It’s time to tap into the easy flow of money so it stops being hard, scarce, and something you have to hustle for. It’s truly time to stop struggling with money and finances.


  • Brief daily video lesson with though/journal prompts and activities to boost your Wealth Capacity and Abundance.
  • Lives and lessons held in a pop-up Facebook group (if you’d prefer daily emails instead, or in addition to the Facebook group, please email us at team@ladymindboss.com or message us on Facebook.
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

*This is a beta group test not to see if this method works, but to see what is the baseline of money potential possible for those who work through the program. $1000 is a minimum and I’m testing to see what the actual minimum for active participants is.


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