Nail it! & Sell it! Academy


If you don’t nail your niche and own your coaching expertise, you will remain unknown. And that keeps you broke, frustrated, and wondering if you have something to give.

So get out from between the rock and the hard place – neither moving forward, nor able to go back.

When you join us live for our group ACADEMY,

I guarantee you’ll walk away by the end of this training having clearly identified exactly what you love AND can make money doing . . .  and your next 3 online sales.

And let me be clear: I will teach you how, you are responsible for doing it – or else it’s not your business, it’s mine. 🙂

In this LIVE Academy, I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY how to not just find & own your expertise, but nail your niche AND learn how to sell without being sleazy, pushing, or worrying about burning bridges with your friends and family.

It starts with identifying who you help and how you help them.


Live coaching calls will be weekly on Monday’s at 1:00 pm Mountain Time. Calls will be recorded so you can watch later, but please make an effort to show up live and get your specific questions answered.

You will also have access to your coach, Cosette, via Voxer for those times where you just need a helping hand and it’s not time for a call.

This is the first of 3 payments. You will be charged $700 every month for the next 3 months. 🙂 Enjoy your online success!


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