#27 - Three Mindsets Rich People Have that Poor People Don't

You might be told that there is a sure way to find success. We are expected to reach certain milestones in life in order for us to find it – such as getting proper education or climbing the corporate ladder.

But how many testimonies have you heard about a person who has reached the insane level of success without going through that usual route? I am pretty sure you’ve heard one and I know you would agree with me when I say they do tell a crazy backstory to their success.

It’s true that it doesn’t matter which path you took but I want you to know that each step of the way (those choices you make) will manifest itself in the future like how the successful people have carefully chose theirs.

So how do you plan on manifesting your goal? What mindset should you equip yourself with to make this goal a reality?

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how to manifest (money mindset)

Having an Abundance mindset is being able to put yourself in the belief that something you want is in excess, that you wouldn’t need to worry about.

Like how we see Utilities, we’re aware on how much we spend on them every month but somehow use them as if we would never run out – It’s definitely ironic that we miss out on these little details.

Let it Flow – The key to letting money flow is allowing yourself to invest into things that will help you in the long run, making smart decisions and allowing yourself to loosen up, it can be difficult especially when you’re trying to play it safe.

Understandably, our first instinct is to keep spending to a minimum to prepare for the winter as they’d like to call it – but it’s this scarcity mindset that stop us from growing and realizing the options available to us.

Allow for the knowing w/o the expectation  This is definitely the hardest bit, being able to set an expectation or a specific goal for yourself, but not constantly checking on it and expecting an instant result.

Funny coincidence, this is something that we go through every year that we never notice, it’s that familiar friend that we all have, “New Year’s Resolution” – We often have a list of things we want done but as we go through each day it can become difficult as the expectation we initially had comes and haunts us stopping us from making any real progress that we had imagined.

Difficult as it may seem It’s really all about just allowing yourself to go through the process step-by-step and seeing it through.


Find someone who inspires you

Undoubtedly, we all have that one person that we look up to, may it be someone famous or someone we’ve known for a while. There can be a lot of things that we wish we have that they do, like being well-off, or how they handle finances etc.

But if we try to incorporate their mindset into our own lives, we could easily do so by listening to their backstory. Stories can be quite powerful and can show the shifts in their mindset on how they were able to achieve success.

How can you grow your abundance money mindset?

Take note, when I say “grow,” it means in your mind you know that there is already something to grow and that’s a good thing!

One of the ways you can grow your abundance mindset is being aware of the opportunities all around you. Even discounts at local stores allow you to get more for less. Some places are willing to give you free food in exchange for dressing up (like Chick-Fil-A). Notice those opportunities and feel the abundance shared by those organizations. There is enough to go around, and they are willing to show you by giving some free.

Let go of your microwave expectation.

We have to be real with ourselves when we’re setting a goal. Most of us get lost in our own thoughts, expecting to lose weight in just 30 days but then not fully committing ourselves to the process and just focusing on the result. It’s these little details that we have to keep in mind to maintain our motivation and drive to see it through.

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