#6 - FIVE Small Business Hacks to Boost What You Can Get Done

Do you feel any of these things:

burnt out  — rushed — overwhelmed — behind — worn ragged

How can you get it all done without working the crazy hustle to grow your business and to keep your life together?

Here are 5 unique tips to help you uncover YOUR secret to productivity. You’ve probably heard all the tips like meal systems, time blocking, checkboards, check list tips, etc. Sure, they help for a while, but they aren’t long-lasting. They won’t actually help solve the problem and help you regain the spark for your business and your life again.

Here’s how you can actually solve that problem.

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5 secrets to finding your key to productivity


Sometimes the systems and the “hacks” are like a bandaid – it feels good and helps for a minute, but it’s really just covering up the real issue.

“I don’t have enough time.” or “I don’t have the energy” – the thoughts and mindset that is really keeping us stuck underneath all the things that need to be done in a day.

Do you really have to do it all? What can you delegate or let go of completely? What is it that you can do – and only you can do?

My secret to actually being present with my family so I don’t feel guilty about working when it is time to work (and not when they are sleeping).

Minimize the noise coming in – it just makes your brain hurt.

Being too focused on the outer actions and the outer results is like a task master who keeps you chasing busyness without actually being productive.

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