34 - "I Don't Know Who I Serve"

This episode is inspired by “my deepest why”; the very reason why I keep on showing up here, why this podcast is here and why I am talking to you.

It was sparked by a beautiful conversation with a client.

She came to me because she just “felt so lost”, not even knowing where she is going on her online business, what her purpose is, why is she here.

Just so lost – and guys, I’ve been so been there too.

And if you have too, or you’re going through it now, please know, I have the deepest compassion for you.

And the following points from this call with my client are important for you as well. 

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A lot of us think, that we have to know answers to “who am I?” or “I don’t know what can I give”. 

And part of that is just exploring. It’s important to explore and try new things, do something different as you expose yourself to new things. Because if you can identify what you DO NOT LIKE, then you can see what you DO LIKE.

And if you run a business, I think the point of “consistency” is simple: not to confuse your audience.

However, there are people that I know who run successful businesses and still continue exploring. But that’s a big risk. Please not that I’m not referring to always doing the same thing, but jumping from health and exercise, to dogs, to parenting, etc. Trying to be the expert in them all will not work.

Learn from my mistakes, do you want to start something not knowing really where you are going, or what your purpose on earth and not really seeking for that thing that is in alignment with you?

These are the things I want you to get out of this,

  1. It’s okay to switch and to change.

I did that a lot. If you’re on seeking for some sort of deeper fulfillment, that is okay and be patient with that. Release yourself from the pressure of what everybody else’s telling you to do. Lean into what is FUN and ENJOYABLE for you!

  1.  The Idea of Patience

“The presence of fear is a sure sign that you are trusting in your own strength”

From the book: A Course in Miracles

Because fear comes across in many different ways: anger, frustration, blaming, yelling at the dog or kids, etc.

And even the presence of impatience is a sign of your trusting in your own self as well.

Impatience is simple a sign that you are afraid.

  1. What you want, like, or can do may actually scare you and that’s why you tell yourself that you don’t know.

This was definitely the case for me. I wanted it, but it really scared me.

What if I Don’t Know Who I Want to Serve or Who I Help?

My client with this call had a lot of “I don’t know” statements. This was her response to what she did, what she wanted to do, what she was good at, etc.

But when we really got down to it… she actually knew a lot. She new a general direction of what she wanted, just not the details. 

She really just didn’t know her role.

Finding Your Role in Your Business

There are two different roles at the head of a great business, and it’s really tricky to be both of them.

  1. Visionary- The one who sees the future.
  2. Integrator – The one who makes those ideas into reality.

The Biggest Message I have For You

A lot of times when you tell yourself, “I don’t know”, take a moment to step back and ask, “well, what do I know?”

First, Stop that and recognize that there are options and resources for you.

You are not broken. Please stop telling yourself that you don’t know.

This is a journey to figure out who you are. A self-discovery and self-awareness.

Secondly, find the joy in the journey. There is a joy that meant to happen along the journey. Lean into that joy.

And if it’s not joyful for you and enjoyable, please let’s have a conversation.

Because business is not meant to be sucky, not meant to suck the life out of you, and business is not meant to be awful. Please don’t make it awful.

There are enough things in life that are hard and difficult. You don’t need to be adding something that you initially started with love.

My deepest most heartfelt desire for you is that you will come to see the beautiful amazing person that you are, to understand what you want, and to feel the fun & enjoyment of getting it.

May it all be amazing, wonderful and enjoyable along the journey.

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