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#28 - Uncovering Your Value and Expertise

How many times have you heard the phrase: Zone of genius?

What about “find your passion”, “just do what you love?”

We use those phrases a lot, but they all kept me stuck, feeling like I didn’t belong because I didn’t just immediately KNOW what it is that I love to do. Or even what value I could offer to the world.

For the longest time, I felt like I was a “Jill of all trades, master of none” and where was the expertise in that?

And I found myself continually asking: “How can I find my expertise and value?”

I was stuck there too. Just like:” I don’t think I have anything valuable to offer the world,” “I don’t think I’m doing something that I’m good at.” I was stuck. Like, really stuck. And had only made $200 in 12 months of staying busy and checking all the things off the list.

And because of that: I finally realized one day that because I didn’t see my own self as valuable or an expert, nobody else was going to.

So let’s uncover your value that people will be more than willing to pay for.

Wait, not quite sure what it is you actually love doing? Or what your purpose is? Start here for passion and here for purpose .


The value Investment We All Make

Pretend you’re buying a new house (or at least renting a place to live).

You keep on planning, You’ve been saving up, You’ve kept your eye on this beautiful home that you just love and you can’t wait to be your own.

You’re saving up for that downpayment. You are literally almost there.

Now, when you buy this home, and we’re talking about how great investment this home is gonna be. This Investment will break, it needs repairs, it’s gonna need a new carpet, you need to fix things and replace appliances, there are things you have to continue to invest. You need to continue to put money on it otherwise, it will deteriorate.That is the thing about investment: You will keep spending money on it.

The Best Investment Ever

What is a more valuable investment than a home? What is something you can invest in that doesn’t deteriorate in the same way?

 – YOU

Your Mind. Your body – are the two most valuable investment you could ever invest in.


Because when you invest in your body, you exercise & have a healthy diet:

  • It gives you energy, liveliness, and your ability to do more!
  • It’s not a struggle to live and just do things.
  • It opens up a whole new world of possibilities that give back so much more.

When you invest in your mind:

  • You invest in the way you think, your mindset and you’re growing.
  • You are learning how to learn.

When you invest in yourself, You’re not only up-ing your value but you’re also up-ing your income potential and your ability to find solutions in every single problem you will face.

Everyone is unique in themselves. So are you. No one else is so unique like you, who has the gifts, the talents and the abilities just like you do.

No one in the universe has your specific fingerprint like on your fingers, nor your exact energy or mindset imprints.

We all are unique in that way and that is valuable because you can see things and help in ways that other aren’t quite equipped to do or they aren’t quite ready to do or you are passionate about something that they are not.

2 Mandatory Steps to Uncovering Your Expertise

Here is the two step strategy that you must follow so that it would become easier for you to add value to yourself and have expertise.

Step 1
Make a list of 15 things, a minimum of 15 not less than that. Things in which you can bring value to the table, talents that you have, knowledge that you have.

Something that makes you unique than the rest of the world. Your differences make you beautiful, that’s the reason people want to enjoy your company by any means. The people that you look up to in business, your idols or leaders, they may have a minimum list of 100 for them. For a starter 15 is a good enough to start.

Always remember money comes from value. You have to value yourself, you have to recognize value within yourself. Because when you value within yourself other people have no option but to be drawn to you. Stop hiding it and start to value these things even they have made you weird in the past. Those are the things that will make you rich and wealthy.

Step 2
Write down 10 ways that you can invest in yourself. This could be anything from regular exercise, starting to read books, or even taking a course to learn something new.

For me when I did, I needed a coach because I couldn’t even see what I need to invest in, I needed this coaching to help guide me to opening up my eyes for the possibilities.

And I still hire coaches because I understand the investment. It allows me to take on their knowledge and increase my value. Write down 10 ways and then pick up top 2 that stand out the most to you and say this is going to happen, I am going to do this even if it scares me to death.

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