#14 - Why Self Care is Vital to the Success of Your Practice

self-care tips for busy mamas

I want to tell you one belief shift I made that literally gave me:

  1. an identity
  2. a purpose
  3. happier family life
  4. and liveliness

I started my first mommy blog in an attempt to make a little extra money for my language learning hobby and to have a little side income to help my family.

But what that journey gave me was so so much more than just money – it taught me the true meaning of self-care . . . and who I really am.

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my story with self-care

My blog made next to nothing my first year. I didn’t even break even from the costs of starting the online business.

But it started a journey to me knowing that if I wanted to make my online business successful I knew if I wanted it to work out and be successful, I would need to hire a coach to help me.

Why? Because a successful business comes from really figuring out what one is an an expert in and how one can turn passion into profit.

But the trick was that it all has to come from a place of internal alignment for me. And I didn’t see how I could make money online because I was sort of a Jane-of-all-trades type of person.

And I spent MONTHS searching for all the content: the blog posts, the podcasts, the downloadable workbooks and checklists trying to find the answer for how to find myself.

But I was looking in all the wrong places because no one else could have told me what I was good at but my own intuition.,

And yeah, it took a lot of exploration, of shifting the questions around that I was asking myself. And piecing it together bit by bit to try to see the bigger picture.

The Struggle Phase

So it took months of struggle. A flash of clarity before getting sucked under in what everyone else was doing and succeeding at. And I’d tumble and spin underwater for a while before surfacing for another breath of fresh air.

Then it finally clicked – at a moment when I stepped away from my problem to reconnect with loved ones. And in that moment of “self-care” it finally became clear.

I finally saw that there was a place and a space waiting for me. And not only that, but taking that place doesn’t take away from anyone else and it’s not actually making my family sacrifice anything because what living in that space gave me is a love and joy for life that really makes me feel alive again. (Read more about this place with your name on it) 

And the living me is the one my family needs most……

how do I start a self-care routine?

In my mind, it actually starts with knowing yourself.

Self-care is about primarily about releasing stress and emotion. So what activities help you do that?

Personally, those activities are related to reconnecting:

  • reconnecting with friends
  • reconnecting with family
  • revitalizing in nature
  • reopening a connection with myself

So do whatever activities help you do that. Really pay attention to whether the activity is just mind numbing (for me this is TV watching or sun tanning on a beach – but I’m active).

Make note of what works for you! This isn’t about forcing yourself to do something because someone else says you need to do it.

Whatever you chose, it should feel like a deep breath of fresh air.

how do I make time for self-care

Time is not a scarcity you lack. But it sure feels that way when you are so structured and trying to control time that you have to have a checklist or a timer to tell you when to have “me” time.

But really, that totally blows past the point of self-care and “me” time.

Sometimes it can’t be scheduled because life doesn’t always fit into a perfectly curated box of productivity and time management.

We are human and that means we need to listen to intuition and what our bodies are telling us we need to do.

So if you just need a break and some “me” time but you have the kids. Call a friend to meet you at a park and let the kiddos play.

Better yet, go out for ice cream with a friend (kids in tow – they’ll love it) or to lunch (Chick-fil-a anyone?).

Listen to what your body needs and figure it out with your own creative powers. You’re smart, you can do it!

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