#10 - Working Mom Burnout: FIVE tips to be free from it

You can do it all – I believe in you.

But there’s a difference between “getting it all done” and “doing it all”. The former is focused on checking off all the items on your to-do list. The later is all about doing all the things that are most important.

However, if you’re a Queen of Doing Too Much – much like I used to be – I want to tell you where that path ends up. And unfortunately, it’s not the thriving business & thriving life you hoped for.

It’s burnout.

Feeling driven by the task master of posting on Instagram…Twitter…LinkedIn…and Facebook because clearly not all your ideal clients are on one platform and you’ve got to reach them all.

But remember, divide and conquer is NOT a strategy for a solo entrepreneur. And it will not get you results.

Let’s take a look at how being the Queen of Doing too Much is one of the 6 Deadly Queens in your life and business.

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working mom burnout

It’s what’s at the end of the tunnel of trying to hustle and get it all done. 

“I’m almost there.”

“This is just about ready to take off.”

Feeling tired but thinking “just a bit longer.”

As if just holding on a bit longer, pushing yourself even further, and throwing your life balance and alignment off will be all worth it because of the amazing, legendary results.

That’s a thought process driven by the Queen of Doing Too Much and she leads to

angry mom syndrome

This looks like frustration with your business, an obsession with finding the “right” groups, the “right” hashtags, and all the “right” things that will finally help you find those who are willing to pay for what you have to offer.

It comes out as yelling at the dog, your kids, your husband and all the awful drivers on the road.

Anger is fear expressed in a fight-like response. Just remember that.

time management for business

The biggest reason you’re probably doing too much is because of a limiting belief.

Ask yourself: “what is stopping me from getting the success I want?”

Whatever your answer is (more visibility, posting more consistently, better content, etc), chances are there’s a limiting belief behind it about what you do (or don’t) think is possible for you as you are now.

However, if you’re looking for more practical tasks (that get you more short-term results), here are a few to give a shot:

  1. Set appropriate goals (ones that stretch you but aren’t too far out of your capacity).
  2. Pick 1 system/tool/strategy and commit for a minimum of 60-days.
  3. Stop trying to multi-task. Work on 1 task and get it done and finished – you waste more time switching projects than on the projects themselves.
  4. Protect your business time. Especially if you’re a mom with young kids at home, you need to protect the time you have to work so you can truly focus on work. This will allow you to protect your family time too.
  5. Learn to delegate. Of course you CAN do it. You can learn to manage your website, your paperwork, and all your accounts. But is that where your time is best spent? You have a maximum of about 4 hours a day of optimal brain power, creativity, and problem solving. If you push your brain past that you’re not working at your optimal level and giving your best work.

time management for busy moms

Again, for some practical tips to make sure you’re giving the most to your family without getting lost in all the things that are possible for you to do, here are some ideas.

  1. Connect with statements instead of questions. Instead of greeting your children with “How was your day?” say something like “That song you are singing is beautiful” or “Your outfit looks great today.”
  2. Put your phone down and focus on your time with your family.
  3. Protect your time and don’t let work interrupt
  4. Delegate or ask for help with household chores. There’s no reason for you to do them all alone. Even my youngest (2 & 4) participate in doing dishes and laundry.

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with all the tips. Just pick 1 thing you want to work on and work on it this week!

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