#9 - FIVE hacks to reduce working mom guilt and FOMO

The 1 thing most entrepreneurs don’t realize they have until it’s wasted far too much time – or surprises them when it shows up: 👇

FOMO (fear of missing out).

Sure there are logical “hacks” to reducing your FOMO (especially FOMO social media style) in our hyper-connected world. (ya know, like unfollowing, unsubscribing, and going on social media with a purpose).

But the trick with FOMO is not to run from it, but to utilize it to make your business stronger. Within your FOMO is the exact key you’ve been searching all over for.

So it’s time to access that key and find the solutions you need to start getting results in your biz.

What does FOMO feel like for you? What’s 1 goal you have this week that you don’t want FOMO to stop you from?

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how to be free of working mom guilt and fomo

First, FOMO is:

FOMO looks like having a variety of “ideal clients” and offers. It’s not being able to “niche down” and seeing everyone else having success just derails you and distracts you. Ultimately, it’s reducing your sales and your time with your family.

1. How to Reduce Time on Social Media

Noticed that social media seems to suck time away from you as well as build your FOMO?
I gave you 2 practical tips for reducing that. One = always have a purpose when you get on social. Two = unfollow anyone that leads you to feel FOMO.

2. How to Overcome email FOMO

Again, the more emails in your inbox may make you feel valuable and wanted, but it’s really distracting from building your online business and creates a lot of FOMO. It’s time to email back and ask them to re-add you in xx-months, or unsubscribe and write the name down so you can get back to it when you are ready to focus on that thing they promise to help you with.

3. Working-Mom hacks for FOMO

As a working mom (or a stay-at-home mom) there will always be a FOMO on what the other has. The trick is to focus on what it really takes to be successful as a mom and a business owner. Find a way to clarify what it is you are searching for. And again, unfollow if you need to.

4. Mom Productivity

Did you know that our search for productivity hacks usually comes from FOMO? Missing out on spending time with our kids, missing out on that awesome vacation, missing out on healthy meals, missing out on having a cute house, blah, blah blah. But why do you feel you need that?

It’s time to harness the FOMO and come to understand what it is exactly that your inner-self is trying to express to you. What exactly are you resisting? What can you learn from this?

5. How to stop wasting time

Stop running from the FOMO (I mean, yeah, reduce it so it’s manageable). There’s a key within that FOMO that can help you build a life you truly love more. It’s time to access that key to success so you can find the answers you have been searching for and the peace that only comes from within. 

That’s right, peace and happiness come only from within. Then it can attract the outer things to match.

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